The Unknown Secret of Honeybush Tea

Honeybush tea is probably the most underrated and least known health beverage I’ve come across. Grown in the high mountains of the Western and Eastern Cape regions of South Africa, this unique plant is not only delicious but it is extremely healthy for you. Honeybush tea is made from the leaves, stems and flowers of the honeybush shrub. It’s been cultivated by the indigenous people of South Africa for hundreds of years. The Tea contains no caffeine, very little tannins, has many of the same health benefits as rooibos tea and makes a superb iced tea. Each cup contains healthy anti-oxidants, along with minerals such as: Calcium, Copper, Iron, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese and Zinc. This herb is said to have positive effects in preventing breast, prostate, and uterine cancer; reducing the risk of osteoporosis; having anti-fungal and anti-viral properties; lowering cholesterol levels, and much more. Most important of all, Honeybush is a pleasant tasting beverage that can be consumed every day.

My Thoughts:

I really love honeybush tea! I currently drink the organic honeybush tea from Numi. If you haven’t tried it before, I highly recommend it. Honeybush tea is also a great tea base if you want to create your own tea. I just started adding fresh organic mint leaves to each cup…so delicious! Would love to hear what everyone else thinks of Honeybush Tea.

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